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Please join us in celebrating these very special animals and our time with them.

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Joy Davy, MS, LCPC, NCC
Joy Davy, MS, LCPC, NCC

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

Counselors Specializing in Anticipatory Grief and Pet Loss Grief

Recommended Reading List

The Argus Institute at CSU CVM (Colorado State University, College of Veterinary Medicine)


Honoring the Bond at OSU CVM (The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine) 


Pet Loss Support at Cornell University CVM

Montgomery Press
Some of our favorites at Chicago Veterinary Geriatrics: 
  • For Adults:

  • For Children:​

    • Tough Boris, by Mem Fox

    • Dog Heaven, by Cynthia Rylant​

    • Cat Heaven, by Cynthia Rylant

    • Duck, Death and the Tulip, by Wolf Erlbruch

    • Cry, Heart, But Never Break, by Glenn Ringtved

    • Ida, Always, by Caron Levis & Charles Santoso

    • When a Pet Dies, by Fred Rogers



Veterinary Palliative Medicine Resources

We hope that these resources will help provide additional valuable information.
At Chicago Veterinary Geriatrics, we are dedicated to continuing education and providing the most up to date and advanced care for older pets and pets with serious illness.
Esteemed Colleagues in Veterinary Palliative Medicine

Heart's Ease Veterinary Care, Dr. Courtney Bennett

Bridge Veterinary Services, Dr. Shea Cox

Compassionate Veterinary Hospice, Dr. Amir Shanan

4Paws Farewell, Dr. Beth Marchitelli

Sage Veterinary Services, Dr. Cheryl Thorpe

Smoky Mountain Integrative Veterinary Clinic, Dr. Tami Shearer

Solace Veterinary Services, Dr. Karen Randall

Whole Animal Veterinary Geriatrics & Hospice Services, Dr. Katherine Goldberg